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Introduction to Contemporary Silver Jewellery 3 DVD Set. Over 4 Hours....
Guides you through the techniques in creating precious metal clay silver jewellery. Easy to follow in depth advice using a series of 5 jewellery projects. Gain the knowledge that will enable you to make amazing fine silver jewellery - including rings, pendants and earrings - with this incredible art form.
This comprehensive guide and can be either purchased as a 3 DVD set or downloaded via the shop.
Included is an expert hints and tips section that will help you avoid some of the basic mistakes made by those new to this medium saving you time and money. It's almost like having your own personal instructor.
Experience the amazement of seeing your piece of clay turn into a solid fine silver mini masterpiece created by your own hands which is completely unique to you. An ideal introduction that will give you a solid foundation to enable you to explore and develop you skills and imagination whether for pure pleasure or a start of your own business.
On-line support is available in the form of downloadable PDF files and via email from one of our expert instructors as an additional aid to guide you through the projects.
This DVD, or the corresponding downloadable videos files, can be purchased via the shop. After purchase you will be sent a password and user name to allow access to the support section. You can apply for the Level 1 Diploma on completion of the projects for a £30.00 fee to cover assessment and postage of items.

  The Contemporary Jewellery DVD includes the following projects.

Silver Leaf Pendant - silver leaves are very much in vogue, with many celebrities wearing them as good luck charms and as symbols of freedom, peace and enlightenment. This project involves the use of clay paste to produce highly detailed fine silver pendant using an actual leaf.

One of the most exciting qualities of metal clay is that it takes texture beautifully and after firing the detail is greatly enhanced.This would be difficult or even impossible to do with sheet silver metal. So truely stunning pendants, earring and charms can be made using precious metal clay.


Heart Pendant - pendants are the most popular of jewellery making subjects and one that is ideal for gaining experience of the vital basic techniques used in creating jewellery from precious metal clay to a high standard. This project includes methods for the cutting out of the clay and its texturing which are used in many precious metal clay projects.

The finishing process is vital for producing an eye catching pendants that will glint and gleam as the light catches the unique qualities of fine silver. Once the basics are mastered you will be able to create you very own designs that will be completely unique to you and be admired by family and friends or indeed potential customers.

Two earring projects are included which shows how to create a matching pair, one using the 'snake' rolling technique to create an elegantly simple and forever charming earrings in a glowing matte finish on one side and high polish on the other. So you can wear them either way. Snake rolling is used a great deal in the creation of precious metal clay jewellery and the viewer is shown have to master this important technique.

The other project involves texturing, cutting out and the joining several pieces of clay together to produce beautiful multi-layed, intriguing textured circular earrings, set with two small stones. An ideal project to bring together several important techniques and to develop your skills further.

Ring making is a very much that many view with a degree of trepidation. The subject is approached in a simple but detailed step by step manner that will give you the skills and knowledge to produce attractive fine silver rings.
This project involves the setting of a stone and additional decoration such as the use of syringe clay which enables the ring to become highly individual and unique to its maker.
How to you obtain rings of the correct size is an area that many people new to using precious metal clay find difficult and this is addressed using simple easy to understand techniques that are ideal for those you have no prior experience of ring making. The viewer is shown how to fire the ring to achieve a strong and durable item that people will admire for many years. Also the finishing stage of the ring is shown in great detail so that it is comfortable to wear, attractive and complements the stone setting. The end result is a beautifully crafted ring created by your own hands.

Please note that the images are examples of what can be created using the techniques shown in the projects.